0.0.1 - [2013/08/15] - Initial Release
0.0.2 - [2013/10/24] - Fixed several minor bugs and added Grid Cell Wrapping
0.0.3 - [2014/02/07] - Lots of enhancements and bug fixes like fonts support in options, negative parans, output to buffer, tracing, jsdoc
0.0.4 - [2014/02/17] - TextColor ability per cell in bands
0.0.5 - [2014/03/05] - Bold/Italic per cell in bands
0.0.6 - [2014/06/24] - Added easier font support and upgraded to support latest pdfkit
x.x.x - [2014/12/03] - Fixed issues in band borders
x.x.x - [2015/03/18] - Added ability to Import PDF's
0.0.7 - [2015/04/21] - Fixed some minor issues with Importing PDF's
0.1.0 - [2015/06/20] - Added ASYNC support in addition to the normal SYNC support
0.1.1 - [2015/06/21] - Fixed some ASYNC issues
0.1.2 - [2015/06/22] - Added simple Detail system similar to what is already in place for Header/Footers.
1.0.0 - Fixed Header/Footer and printing sizing issues.  Reports should now ALWAYS print headers/footers properly.  Much better documentation!
1.0.1 - AutoPrint and FullScreen issue fixed.
1.0.2 - Font .normal, .bold .italic issue on some fonts.   Fix for Print with an alignment and a width set.   Fix for fill on a alignment.
1.0.3 - Doc updates, and totaling system now treats NaN and null's as 0.
1.0.4 - Added missing minX, fixed sub-reports, and fixed falsy values in the string output system.
1.0.5 - Added missing report userData command
1.0.6 - Fix for Minutes = 9 wasn't 0 padded, font issue, additional band options
1.0.7 - Added ability for pageNumber function to print not only current page number but total report pages.
1.0.9 - Added rotate ability to print() text routine, exposed opacity in print routine

Breaking changes or API inconsistencies:
    In v0.1.2 bandField functionality was removed.  This "feature" didn't make sense since simple detail abilities
        are now supported which are much more powerful, and those still needing bandField like ability can easily
        emulate it in their own code by creating a array and pushing the fields to it before calling band with it...
    In v1.0.0 parent & current Headers now have the ability to be printed only ONCE (old behavior), On all new Pages
        (new default for the current header), and Always.
    In v1.0.0 when print(['hi','','testing']) the old code would ignore the '' in the middle of the array so you
        would just get two lines.  The new code will print '' in arrays and give you three lines.   If you want the
        old behavior pass {ignoreEmptyStrings:true} to print routine.
    In v1.0.3 Totaling system now treat NaN and null values as 0.