NativeScript: Performance from the Trenches

Well my video for Performance from the Trenches, was released today!   This is the talk I gave at the NativeScript Developer Days 2017.   There is a lot of good useful information in this Talk, so enjoy. Slide Deck: Performance NativeScript App: V8-Natives Repo:      

Announcing a v8-Natives v0.0.1

What are v8-natives, you might ask?     Well, they are the mostly undocumented javascript commands that control the v8 engine in Google Chrome, Opera and Joyent Node.js.      Some of the commands are %CollectGarbage(), %GetV8Version(), %GetOptimizationStatus() which ties with my other favorite of %OptimizeFunctionOnNextCall()   What can I do with them? You can tell the engine to… Continue reading Announcing a v8-Natives v0.0.1