Monthly Archives: September 2017

NativeScript 3.2.0 Released

Well, looks like I was on the ball this time; I actually beat Progress to the punch.   😉    3.2.0 has been released to NPM.

  • Blur and Focus events added
  • Android keeps nativeView when navigating forward to eliminate the tear down and re-build when navigating back.
  • Nasty memory leaks in iOS fixed; this one is worth the upgrade alone!
  • Some XCode 8.3 and 9 fixes
  • iOS LiveSync fixes
  • Some Webpack and Signing issues fixed
  • Android metadata generator fixes

First of all to upgrade is done is a couple steps:
> npm install -g nativescript@latest
> npm install tns-core-modules@latest --save

Next try the new update command or you can manually run the commands below
> tns update

For Android:
> tns platform remove android
> tns platform add android@latest

For iOS
> tns platform remove ios
> tns platform add ios@latest

Then you can type tns info and verify that everything says 3.2.x

Common Issues:

  1. Plugins fails; this is a known issue do to the complete revamp of the lower levels of the core modules design.  Some plugins need a lot of changes to work in 3.x; so you will have to wait for the third party authors to get caught up (Even I'm not caught up).    My plugins site should be listing both version v2 & v3 plugins separately so that you can easily find 3.x or 2.x plugins.