NativeScript 8 Released

NS 8.0

Been a while since I posted; but I figured I need to get a post out on this one. There was a lot of cool things that went into NS 8. The best item is that overall your code in NS 7 should work as-is in NS 8.

There are a couple minor exceptions.

1. If you are using <strong>Tabs</strong> or <strong>BottomNavigation</strong> you will want to install the

As we have depreciated and removed them from NS 8 because the community version are a much better versions and it eliminates conflicts between the cocoapod we were including by default and the cocoapod that the ui-material group of components is using.

2. In NativeScript prior to NS 8 when using Alpha, we were using #AARRGGBB for colors, we have finally become consistent to the web and now colors are #RRGGBBAA, so any CSS has to be adjusted to be in the new format.

New major features:

  • Webpack 5 support, which is considerably faster, with very simple and easily extended configurations.
  • First class a11y support!
  • New RootLayout (This is very cool!)
  • Apple m1 support
  • CSS Box & Text Shadow support
  • New ns migrate command
  • @nativescript/debug-ios - Cool run time debugging for iOS
  • @nativescript/apple-pay - Apple Pay Support
  • @nativescript/google-pay - Google Pay support
  • All New Website and new Docs!

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