fluentReports v0.0.6 Release

We are happy to publish the latest version of fluentReports.

Major Features:

This version brings fluentReports back up to working with the latest and current version of pdfKit.   It also maintains backwards compatiblity with the older pdfKit versions.   As I move forward this compatibility maybe removed unless you let me know on the http://github.com/Nathanaela/fluentreports/issues page why you believe I should maintain compatibility.

This not only retains the compatibility with buffer, and write file and now adds the pipe support.     It has not been tested; but I believe fluentReports should work client side as the only code that would be "broken" is the "write to server file" type and you can't use that client side anyways.  If you test it client side and it doesn't work; let me know in the issues.

Minor Bugs Squashed:

  • Count could throw an error in the paged support.
  • Added outputType (supports buffer, pipe, and defaults to file)


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