Hopefully this blog will provide interesting Insight from someone who has programmed a good number of languages from assembly to JavaScript.  I've probably forgot more languages than you knew even existed; I currently actively program in over a dozen different languages depending on the clients needs.  If you are needing any custom programming or enhancements to anything posted feel free to look me up at master.technology or check out my github page at https://github.com/NathanaelA/.

If you are visiting me because of my NativeScript book or plugins; please feel free to check out my commercial plugins site http://NativeScript.tools and the community site http://NativeScript.rocks. In addition to being able to custom write any plugin you might need for your NativeScript application; or help debug your existing broken plugins.   I offer anything from 1 on 1 to company wide NativeScript training.

If you are here because of my Fluent Reports (of which this site is named), I also offer consulting to help you integrate it into any JaveScript app you are working on either server or client side.    You can report any issues with Fluent Reports at https://github.com/NathanaelA/fluentreports

If you know what load "*",8,1 is; you might have a clue as to how long I've been programming.

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