NativeScript 2.1 released (and common issues/fixes)

WooHoo, 2.1 is finally released.  Lots of things fixed and several other cool new things added; here is some of the changes in v2.1; TNS Clean command! Fix for faster Building (really affects Angular 2 builds) Fix for Google library and default Config issues. several naviation crashing issues fixed several LiveSync issues fixed Lots of… Continue reading NativeScript 2.1 released (and common issues/fixes)

NativeScript 2.0

It has been a long road since I first started with the just freshly released v0.90 slightly over a year ago.   I saw a product that was brand new, raw, full of life and it offered a huge amount of potential.   I decided that even though it wasn't nearly as popular as other recently released… Continue reading NativeScript 2.0

NativeScript: Upgrading to v1.7.0

Since I have been posting these since the early versions of NativeScript; I figured I would continue. It has been several months since the last major upgrade and this version has all sorts of bug fixes and new goodies. The changelog is available at The biggest new feature is the ability to override the… Continue reading NativeScript: Upgrading to v1.7.0