NativeScript v1.1.0 - Released

NativeScript v1.1.0 was just released a couple days ago.    Here is what is new and how to get all the cool new features. Some of the changes are: Exposing Application events as Real Event [example] Parent is now exposed in itemLoading event Repeater Component Added [more] TabView.selectedIndexChanged Event added Hint property for TextView NavigatingTo/From,… Continue reading NativeScript v1.1.0 - Released

NativeScript - Real time development on Android

Photo (CCA): Now if you haven't guessed recently I've really taken to NativeScript.   It is awesome tool set for development applications for your mobile phone. However, one of its failings compared to some of the other tools is the speed of iteration.     On my machine; when I want to test a change;  I switch… Continue reading NativeScript - Real time development on Android

NativeScript -> The new Awesome way to build Android, & IOS applications

I've been developing applications for a wide variety of platforms (you name it, I've probably touched it) .   Over my long career in computer development and devops, this includes a lot of mobile apps.    I've done hybrid apps in Phonegap/Cordova.   I've done pure native apps on the Android; and I've done apps on a… Continue reading NativeScript -> The new Awesome way to build Android, & IOS applications

Announcing a v8-Natives v0.0.1

What are v8-natives, you might ask?     Well, they are the mostly undocumented javascript commands that control the v8 engine in Google Chrome, Opera and Joyent Node.js.      Some of the commands are %CollectGarbage(), %GetV8Version(), %GetOptimizationStatus() which ties with my other favorite of %OptimizeFunctionOnNextCall()   What can I do with them? You can tell the engine to… Continue reading Announcing a v8-Natives v0.0.1

fluentReports v0.0.6 Release

We are happy to publish the latest version of fluentReports. Major Features: This version brings fluentReports back up to working with the latest and current version of pdfKit.   It also maintains backwards compatiblity with the older pdfKit versions.   As I move forward this compatibility maybe removed unless you let me know on the page… Continue reading fluentReports v0.0.6 Release

Node & Browser Javascript Compression Update

I wrote a post on Data Compression back in October,, discussing how I sped up a Data Compression Library that we have been using internally for all web socket traffic and how by combing techniques from different comparable libraries LZJBn.js was born. Well fast forward several months --- I ran across another library that… Continue reading Node & Browser Javascript Compression Update