NativeScript 4.2 Released

The new version of NativeScript just dropped today!   As usual the update is worth getting for several features that are shipping in it.

Major Features

  • LiveSync now uses Sockets on Android
  • iOS and Android now support the `discardUncaughtJsExceptions` flags.
  • Simpler Templates (less NPM dependencies)
  • Android now support HTTP Gzip'd packets
  • Debugging Webpacked apps

Minor Features and/ Bug Fixes

  • Android v8 engine upgraded to 6.7.288
  • Android app no longer crashes when closing debugger.
  • Multiple CLI building issues resolved, including LiveSync on modern Android; Gradle issues with Google plugings.
  • Android P support
  • iOS XCode 10 support
  • Several LiveSync fixes
  • Lots of build issues fixed

Known new Issues

  • None so far

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