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fluentReports gets an actual web site.

Hey,  I finally got a few spare minutes and spent those few minutes building a quick and simple web site for fluentReports.   However, I couldn't just do something totally "static" -- I had to do at least one page that was awesome.

The fluentReports web site now has a fully working demo page (with 3 of the sample reports pre-programmed in) that runs fully in your browser.    You can make any changes you want in the editor and it will attempt to run your changes and generate a new report if possible.

I had suspected the fluentReports would run fine in a browser; but I can now totally confirm that it is possible, with no modifications needed.   You just need to use browserify,

Check out the main site and let me know what you think...

fluentReport v1.0.0 - Released

It has been a couple years since the first version of fluentReports was released.   Over that time the engine has grown and some very complex bugs appeared that were difficult to fix.

I was very proud of the work at that point; but I have finally had the time to fix the complicated remaining issue in fluentReports and I am very proud to call this version 1.0.0.

Sizing issues with headers/footers and/or too long of text being printed are all squashed!   In addition it has a ton of new features like "link", always printing group headers on new pages; "fill" on prints and tons of other little goodies throughout the code base.     In addition the engine now is fully Asynchronous so you can use Async code in your header, footer or detail callbacks and not worry about the report being corrupt.    In addition it is smart enough that it can continue to be used like it was in Synchronous  mode.    No changes to your code.  I have attempted to maintain backwards compatibility as much as possible and only a couple minor breaking changes have occurred (which some of them can even be disabled, if you don't like the new default).   Please see the changelog file for the information on any breaking changes.

I have also created a file that you can view a outline of ALL the commands and what they do, and their parameters; this should fill in the documentation gap that I never had in place before.



fluentReports v0.0.6 Release

We are happy to publish the latest version of fluentReports.

Major Features:

This version brings fluentReports back up to working with the latest and current version of pdfKit.   It also maintains backwards compatiblity with the older pdfKit versions.   As I move forward this compatibility maybe removed unless you let me know on the page why you believe I should maintain compatibility.

This not only retains the compatibility with buffer, and write file and now adds the pipe support.     It has not been tested; but I believe fluentReports should work client side as the only code that would be "broken" is the "write to server file" type and you can't use that client side anyways.  If you test it client side and it doesn't work; let me know in the issues.

Minor Bugs Squashed:

  • Count could throw an error in the paged support.
  • Added outputType (supports buffer, pipe, and defaults to file)


Announcing fluentReports

Fluent Reports is a reporting Engine that is written for a project that should see widespread public use toward the end of the year.  But beyond that; mum is the word.   The Kellpro management has given me permission to discuss certain technologies we are using and open source some of the modules we have developed to give back to the community; just as we have used several open source libraries for our project.     You can find several modules we have enhanced and/or submitted bug reports that we are using in our github account.   But this is our first module that is completely 100% home grown by the developers at Kellpro, Inc.     Internally it is called the "REPORTAPI".   Since that is just so well, lame; I am giving it a new name for the world at large: fluentReports  (fR)!

There are a couple "minor" things in fR that are very specific to our project; they will currently remain in this code base as it is easier for us to maintain our project and keep this easily synced if I can do a diff/copy/paste from our internal system to this github repository.  So if you see weird things like the function "lowerprototypes" that seems out of place; well it is and maybe, just maybe someone will create a minor build script that removes that out of the minified version.


  • Completely Data Driven.  You pass in the data; you tell it easily how to print the data, and it generates the PDF report.
  • Headers, Footers, Title Headers, Summary Footers
  • Grouping, nested grouping, and even more nested grouping, ...
  • Auto-Summing (and other automatic totals like max/min/count)
  • Sane defaults, and the ability to easily override not only the defaults but pretty much every aspect of the report generation.
  • Images, Gradients, Text, Fonts, Lines, and many other PDF features supported.
  • Page-able data loading
  • Sub-Reports, Sub-Sub-Reports, etc...
  • Bands (Tables) & Suppressed Bands (w/ column wrapping or column clipping)
  • Free Flow Text
  • Ability to override each part of the report for total customization of your report
  • Fluent API
  • Ability to put data over images; gradients, etc.
  • Quickly generate complex reports with minimal lines of code.

We are using PDF Kit as the PDF generation library; and as such there is currently only one bug that we know about that we can't work around but hopefully should be rare and a open bug ticket has been submitted to PDFKit with the fix, so hopefully it will be fixed before you even get to play with the library.

Please note the examples are very simple; I've had the report engine working for about a year now; and kept meaning to release it.   Finally I got some "spare" time to polish up the examples a bit and to get the domain name running.  And git it actually committed to github.