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NativeScript 5.2.0 Released

NativeScript 5.2 offers a wide number of fixes, and is well worth upgrading to. Checkout what has now been fixed and/or enhanced in this awesome release from the NativeScript team.

One of the more interesting things for iOS is the In App Podfile and Src code support. Drop your any src code into the /App_resources/ios/src and/or a Podfile in /App_Resources/ios and your app will automatically build it with your app. So you don't need to create a plugin to test or embed things in your app anymore. Plugins still are good for reusable code; but sometimes you might just have a simple function or Podfile that you just want added to your app.

Important Depreciation Notice

In version 5.2 short imports have been depreciated; I do not know when they will no longer actually work; but basically things like require("http") are no long valid; you need to do require("tns-core-modules/http"). The primary reason for this is that webpacking requires the full path; and it has problems with short imports.

Core ModulesT

The core modules offers the following enhancements and fixes...

Dialog now supports Decimal type
ImageCache now has onError exposed
onDiscardedError now officially in the typings
Android model fixes
iOS Flat Actionbar fixes
Password hint support
Multiple crashes fixes


Upgrade to V8 7.1.302 - which offers
- Stable Sorting
- More bytecode embedded saving 200kb of memory per engine.
- Escape analysis improvements (up to 40% faster)
- globalThis support
- Intl.RelativeTimeFormat support
Android X support
Ability to free Java memory that is being retained by a JS object
Gradle 3.3.1 support.


OnDiscardedError handler now works properly.
Can now manually free OBJC memory that is being retained by a JS object
Can now call ObjC methods with the same name but different parameters. (I've ran into this bug myself -- woohoo!)
GC tuning parameters
JSC tuning parameters

Fixes in Exception handling
Memory allocation fixes
In App Podfile and native Src code support


Node 11 support
Angular HMR support (finally fully working!)
--debug-brk on iOS should be working again.
Unit testing should work on Android again.
Fixed High CPU usage issue.
generate splashscreens should work again.
HMR will now update styles.

Updating NativeScript

To get updated; you first need to do:
npm i -g nativescript@latest

That will get you the latest version of NativeScript CLI; once you have it; do a "tns --version" and verify it prints out "5.2.x".  Then do a "tns doctor" to verify your environment is up to date and has all the newest support tools you need for a successful build.  

To update a project; you need to do the following:

Latest Runtimes:
tns platform remove android && tns platform add android@latest
tns platform remove ios && tns platform add ios@latest

Latest Core modules:
npm r tns-core-modules --save
npm i tns-core-modules@latest --save

To install Webpack & HMR support:
npm i nativescript-dev-webpack@latest --save-dev
Note: you need to have nativescript-dev-webpack as a development dependency for HMR to work.  

To install latest NativeScript Angular plugin
npm i nativescript-angular@latest --save
You will then need to install the actual angular bits; which as of this post v6 is currently supported.

The addition of all the additional analytics/tracking to the CLI reminded me; you can disable it permanently; if you value your privacy by doing:
tns usage-reporting disable && tns error-reporting disable

Known issues

NativeScript-SQLite Multi-Threading!

The first release of NativeScript-SQLite was April 19th, 2015 on GitHub, and April 26th to NPM. I am happy to say this plugin is now almost 4 years old, and it was one of the first plugins available to NativeScript. I believe there was two or three others released before, like NativeScript-Flashlight. By June of 2015 we had a grand total of 18 (eighteen) plugins in the NativeScript eco-system, where today we are at almost 1,000 plugins.

NativeScript-Sqlite has had a lot of upgrades like encryption, prepared queries, and several bug fixes over the last 4 years. But the newest feature; I'm probably the most proud of. Without your app changing a thing (besides setting a simple option flag); NativeScript-Sqlite can now be fully multithreaded. What do I mean by that? In a nutshell all SQLite calls can now happen in a background thread. This means that if you are inserting or reading 20 records the UI won't freeze.

A couple years ago I did a session on Performance and NativeScript; my sample app showed how doing several different things could freeze the UI easily; and the best way to deal with this was to move as much of your work to background threads.

Now if you watch this image; every time I hit the SQLite button, the "n" freezes for a few seconds. This is because the work loading and processing the records is all done on the main thread which is the UI thread, causing the Animation to stop and/or stutter.

Since NativeScript-Sqlite has always been Promise (and/or Callback) based ASYNC code; it ended up that I could preserve the entire API as is; when allowing you to use multithreading. You just need to set a flag when opening up the connection and it will become multithreaded.

And this is what it looks like when sqlite is doing everything in a background thread. Notice how smooth it is. This is because the main thread is just waiting for the acknowledgement back that everything has been loaded.

If you check out the demo app; the code change is just this:

new sqlite(dbname, {key: \'testing\', multithreading: !!sqlite.HAS_COMMERCIAL}, function(err, dbConnection) {

Basically if the commercial plugin has been loaded; we flip on the multithreading flag. Otherwise we leave it off. (This way the app can test, Encryption, Multithreading, Commercial features, and no extra features all in the same codebase.)

The open source version of the plugin can be easily installed by typing tns plugin install nativescript-sqlite@latest, the open source repo can be seen at

The commercial version which includes Encryption, transactions, prepared queries, and now multithreading can be purchased from my site at