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Allowing TypeScript to understand NativeScripts ~/ home path

I know a wide number of you use TypeScript; well one of the irritations I've had with TypeScript -- I just figured out how to solve.   Finally did some research and tests to figure out how to make TypeScript support using ~/ as a normal path for building and determining editor intellisense since this is a special path in NativeScript meaning the home app path.   Using this path in a import / require statement means you can do something like this.

/app/views/login/login.ts ->

import * as animation from '~/support/animation'
and it will load in the file at   /app/support/animation

You can use relative paths, but I find absolute path's a lot easier to read and understand exactly which file is being loaded.   In addition things like my NativeScript-Updater can't use relative path's (do to some low level issues in the iOS runtimes) and determine if a file has been updated.

Ok, so the solution: open your tsconfig.json file and add the following:

"baseUrl": ".",
"paths": {
   "~/*": [

To the "compilerOptions" key in the json file.

NativeScript, TypeScript and accessing native Android runtimes

When you are trying to access any of the native android platform using TypeScript, TS will complain about the root name --
TS2304: Cannot find name 'zzzz' at line yyyy

TypeScript is unaware that those variables exist and are actually global in scope; so to make TypeScript happy; in your code you will want to do something like this:

declare var android: any;
declare var com: any;
declare var java: any;

This will tell TypeScript that these are global, so it will no longer throw an error when you try to access any classes that start with android, java, or com. If you are accessing any other classes that Android publishes, you can also use the same technique: declare var zzzz: any;

Small update; Josh mentioned it via twitter about installing the tns-platform-declarations.  I'm not sure why I didn't post this here also -- so I'm updating the post a tad -- installing the tns-platform-declarations will get you intellisense for the android & ios platforms.  It is well worth the download if you are using native ios or android calls.