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NativeScript Plugins: A Deep Dive - With the Three Stooges

And the second talk I was in at the NativeScript 2017 DevDays, us now up.  My cohorts in crime; and my awesome nStudio team mates; Nathan Walker and Brad Martin is now up.   Audio is a little low; but you can hear everything.

Unfortunately, the majority of my information was chopped since we ran out of time.  This was planned for and sorta expected as we weren't sure exactly how much of the info we would get to present in the time we had.   So almost all my content is totally self described in the slide deck.   😉

One word about the interactive slide deck, some of the slides have a "Down".  We groups the different subjects into their own like mini-slide decks.  So you can go "Down" to see everything about that specific sub-topic.

You can view the slide deck on our nStudio website. it has a lot more information that we were able to present.




NativeScript: Performance from the Trenches

Well my video for Performance from the Trenches, was released today!   This is the talk I gave at the NativeScript Developer Days 2017.


There is a lot of good useful information in this Talk, so enjoy.

Slide Deck: Performance

NativeScript App:

V8-Natives Repo: