Optimization Gotcha's for for/i and forEach

So I mentioned something on my interview with Alex of NativeScripting.com that he did with me. And someone asked about this in the comments, so I decided to create a blog article on this specific optimization tip. I am going to code this to a browser rather than in NativeScript because well JS in a… Continue reading Optimization Gotcha's for for/i and forEach

NativeScript: Performance from the Trenches

Well my video for Performance from the Trenches, was released today!   This is the talk I gave at the NativeScript Developer Days 2017.   There is a lot of good useful information in this Talk, so enjoy. Slide Deck: Performance NativeScript App: https://github.com/NathanaelA/PerformanceFromTheTrenches V8-Natives Repo: https://github.com/NathanaelA/v8-natives