NativeScript: CSS Selectors & Pseudo Selectors in 2.2.0

The NativeScript team released a feature under the cover of dark; not even listed in the change log; but Panayot; did a refactoring of the CSS selector system in NativeScript. With his changes he has not only sped up the selector code in most cases but he added some additional features like [myAttrib="yes"] > .figure… Continue reading NativeScript: CSS Selectors & Pseudo Selectors in 2.2.0

NativeScript: Debugging the Android Build Process

I've seen this error myself a couple times and it appears that several others have ran into it..   You type something like tns run android or tns build android and it gives you an error about some process failing to build -1 error and to try a --stacktrace to see more info...  Not entirely helpful.  … Continue reading NativeScript: Debugging the Android Build Process

NativeScript: Version 2.2.0 released

For those living in a dungeon hacking out code; guess what was released by those fine wizards at Telerik today!     Yes, you got it - v2.2.0 of NativeScript is now available!   Upgrade Instructions below. As usual; if you run into any issues I will be putting any common issues at the bottom of this post… Continue reading NativeScript: Version 2.2.0 released

Introducing tns-template-plugin

If you create plugins, I've created a awesome shell that will basically build out your entire plugin folder structure after asking you a couple questions.   This is standalone, you don't need anything beyond what you should already have (npm/node).   It has ability to create plugins in a variety of ways... It will automatically create (and… Continue reading Introducing tns-template-plugin