fluentReports v0.0.6 Release

We are happy to publish the latest version of fluentReports. Major Features: This version brings fluentReports back up to working with the latest and current version of pdfKit.   It also maintains backwards compatiblity with the older pdfKit versions.   As I move forward this compatibility maybe removed unless you let me know on the http://github.com/Nathanaela/fluentreports/issues page… Continue reading fluentReports v0.0.6 Release

Announcing fluentReports

https://github.com/Nathanaela/fluentreports Fluent Reports is a reporting Engine that is written for a project that should see widespread public use toward the end of the year.  But beyond that; mum is the word.   The Kellpro management has given me permission to discuss certain technologies we are using and open source some of the modules we have… Continue reading Announcing fluentReports