Fond memories, and onto new adventures....

For those who may or may not know me, I was one of the very earliest NativeScript developers. Started the Facebook and Google groups NativeScript forums. Created some of the very first plugins, helped train a wide number of early NativeScript developers, wrote books, and have some of the most widely used plugins in the… Continue reading Fond memories, and onto new adventures....

Awesome NativeScript

Sometimes I REALLY love NativeScript. So I have a really hard time tracking my time. Tested multiple time tracking apps over the years and still have many issues with all of them. Always been a real pita for me. So about a year ago I wrote a very simple NS time tracking app which works… Continue reading Awesome NativeScript

Optimization Gotcha's for for/i and forEach

So I mentioned something on my interview with Alex of that he did with me. And someone asked about this in the comments, so I decided to create a blog article on this specific optimization tip. I am going to code this to a browser rather than in NativeScript because well JS in a… Continue reading Optimization Gotcha's for for/i and forEach

NativeScript 6.2.0 Released

NativeScript 6.20 has several fixes, and finally added the long awaited Scoped packages. UPDATE Scoped packages apparently breaks some things. See here for more info on how to deal with it. Scoped packages; are where you can now do const label = require("@nativescript/core/ui/label" rather than the older const label = require("tns-core-modules/ui/label"); This makes things a… Continue reading NativeScript 6.2.0 Released