Fond memories, and onto new adventures....

For those who may or may not know me, I was one of the very earliest NativeScript developers. Started the Facebook and Google groups NativeScript forums. Created some of the very first plugins, helped train a wide number of early NativeScript developers, wrote books, and have some of the most widely used plugins in the entire eco-system. I also run a whole slew of different NativeScript related sites like PNR & SearchCode all under the Master Technology brand. Sufficed to say, I have been a advocate and cornerstone of NativeScript eco-system since it first started.

I also co-founded the nStudio company several years back with a couple other co-owners to focus solely on NativeScript work, and leave Master Technology to do everything else I do (i.e. servers, security, desktop, etc) . nStudio became the largest NativeScript development houses. Then awesome fortune came our way and we were able to take ownership of NativeScript. Finally over the last several months, nStudio was able to join and transfer NativeScript to the OpenJS Foundation (the foundation that supports projects like NodeJs, webpack, electron). So it now has a awesome open source home and foundation to support it for the foreseeable future.

However, unfortunately, during this season of time we had some large disagreements in nStudio leadership, on a myriad of issues. Do to some of these disagreements, I was abruptly terminated from the NativeScript TSC (a couple months back) and finally I officially left nStudio this week. So my work as an NativeScript Core/TSC member ended. I might still push a PR here and there for any client issues I run into, but that is probably the extent of it.


Before the fallout, I had several ideas for NativeScript that I really wanted to pursue, and never could get any internal nStudio support. Since I am now 100% funded again by my clients work. I'm curious to know if anyone in the eco-system is interested in helping fund any of the following, if we have enough interest I'm willing to pursue any/all of them. I have the experience to make them work.

  • More NativeScript targets:
    • Web (A web front end, so you can use your NS skills and create web sites or apps that run inside of electron/tauri)
    • Desktop (actual native desktop front end, not using html)
    • Sailfish
    • PureOS
  • NativeScript build servers (i.e. easy ability to build everything from the cloud)
  • NativeScript front end, basically like the old SideKick, with lots of helpful tooling.
  • Compiled NativeScript (ios & android), your JS compiled to 100% native code.

Of course you can still hire me for any other NativeScript work you might have, if you have no interest in any of the above ideas.

New Adventures

Interestingly enough towards the end of this period of time, shortly after I finally decided to leave nStudio. Another technology stack was opened up basically exclusively for me to use externally. It is not a stack directly for mobile development, but a stack for rapid application database development. Virtually all applications use a database for the data, this takes the concept to the next logical leap. I've been doing database development for 30 years, and this technology stack excites me. You might compare it to Clarion, Filemaker or even Access (but way better). Designed from the ground up to have per field/row/screen security & auditing, mobile first, charts, reporting, etc. If you company needs any type of desktop/mobile application built let me know, this stack allows us to build it a lot faster meaning we can save you a lot in development costs. It doesn't matter if what you need is as simple as a contact database to something as complex as something that can fully run every part of your company. It scales and allows tying of different data sources very seamlessly.

In addition, if you have existing Access databases you want to convert to be modernized and intranet facing. I'm already pursuing working on a Access DB conversion to allow your app to hopefully seamlessly transition into this platform with little or no changes. I'm not opposed to writing converters from other platforms also, feel free to hit me up if you have some internal company apps you want modernized.

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