Quickly adding .desktop menu files

For those who use Linux with a Gui, you may be like me and haven't found a good way to create .desktop files for any new applications you downloaded. I googled and tried many stackoverflow posts, and found Alacarte which allows you to edit menu items and re-org your menu. But never found anything that I could use from the CLI.

This weekend I spent a couple hours and build a simple tool called "desktopmenuitem".

It allows me to do this:

Animated adding of a new .desktop file

Basically you can just run it and point it at the executable and it does the rest. However, it does allow you to change up a lot of items from the cli.

Hopefully this helps others. You can install it via npm;

npm i -g @master.technology/desktopmenuitem

and the repo for the source code and issues is here: https://github.com/master-technology/desktop-menuitem

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