Consulting / Freelancing


  • We do NativeScript development using Typescript or JavaScript
  • We do custom plugin and/or application consulting.
  • We can help upskill your development team.
  • We can help you with getting the right architecture of your NativeScript app right
  • We can provide spot training to help your developers get up to speed
  • We can be a resource when your developer get stuck and answer a wide range of questions on both Android and iOS development.
  • We have a wide base of experience from doing things like Android & iOS printer support to building background worker plugins to eliminate jank/speed hiccups in your app.
  • We can do one on one training sessions, or company wide group training at your facility.

JavaScript / TypeScript / HTML5 / CSS

  • We can train on ES6 JavaScript and how to make optimal programs using the new ES6 properties and methods.
  • We can train you on TypeScript and how you can use it to bootstrap your development efforts if you are familure with other languages like C#
  • We can do one on one training sessions, or company wide group training at your facility
  • We can train or design with you on the latest CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript technologies for PWA, SPA, and interactive websites.
  • We can help develop and/or provide support for a wide range of technologies on web sites including the entire backend (Node, NGINX, Apache, Mongo, Couchbase, Memcache, etc...)

 C / C++ / ObjC

  • Do you need some low level modules built for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, OSX?
  • Node Modules, Native Libraries, applcations

Debugging, Optimization & Security

  • We can debug and fix pretty much any language on any operating system on any device.
  • We can optimize your sites on Windows and/or Linux, and a wide variate of application like Apache, IIS, NGINX, Node,  MemCache, Mongo, PHP, OS Tuning, etc
  • We can do a full security scan/evaluation of your application or website looking for any issues that you might not have seen.

Real Life Stories: (names changed to protect the innocent and guilty)

Client: Dan,
Contacted me about a plugin they needed for a NativeScript app, this plugin is unique in the eco system as it actually talks to a Bluetooth printer (in background thread) from both Android and iOS.    Designed a easy to use API that can build a complex ticket for there truck drivers to be able to print receipts that their clients on delivery using there phone or tablet.    The client was able to build out the application to take and track all the information they needed and then was able to easily add the printer interface at the end.  Because the interface was identical on iOS and Android they had just a minor amount of code to add to print and they were able to deliver the app into the field rapidly.

Client: Jack,
This client actually had a good grasp of how to develop; and he took to NativeScript like a fish to water.  But ran into a couple weird lower level issues that was beyond his knowledge base.  He contracted with me to not only to diagnose and figure out solutions for his app to all those issues but to be on a retainer to be able to easily ask future questions as they crop up.  This allowed him to rapidly continue his app development while I worked on the trouble spots and came up with solutions that he could use.

Client: Sarah,
This client needed a full app developed, we went over the design specs, I gave her a quoted number and was able to develop the app inside the budget they had.  Application is currently in testing on both iOS and Android and will shortly be released.

Client: Peter,
This client sent me an prototype with an embedded android device that did some really cool things.  However, they needed someone to actually do some low level debugging and figure out why Node on Android was not communicating with some of the attachments and to streamline the error and error recovery in the event an attachment started to fail to respond correctly.   The client was able to continue in house on adding the features while I developed the error reporting and error recovery code for the device communication system.

Contacting Us

If you would like to get in touch with us please send me an email at any of my usual locations or via