Native vs...

I've been meaning to write the blog article for a while, but this week really made it hit strong that I needed to finally write it. Guess which one is Electron, two of these are Native applications... TL;DR In this blog post I'm going to discuss performance of Native vs what we consider non-native code.… Continue reading Native vs...

NativeScript/JavaScript Tip: Debugging

Once thing I was made aware of today was that not everyone knows the magic "debugger;" command.   I suppose this makes sense; I rarely see it mentioned, but it is a very useful debugging command in the JavaScript world. The "debugger;" command is used to cause the application to stop and enter the debugger at… Continue reading NativeScript/JavaScript Tip: Debugging

Introducing NativeScript-Protect

UPDATE: Works on iOS and Android; see Have you spent months working on the perfect application?  Are you now worried someone will just copy your source code right from your NativeScript application?  (This is not a unique issue to NativeScript; ReactNative, Titanium*,Cordova/PhoneGap and any other platforms that are not compiling Java code have this… Continue reading Introducing NativeScript-Protect

Adding External Resource Security

In a lot of larger web sites it is pretty common that you use several third party resources like JavaScript.   However, this is a potential malicious door into your customers computer via your website.   What happens if the third party resource is changed by someone who does not have your best interests at heart.  Your… Continue reading Adding External Resource Security