NativeScript Nightly Masters

For those who would like to live on the bleeding edge; I have started the process of having one of my servers build each of the different NativeScript repo's nightly from the master branch. You can now download any of these from

Currently done are:

  • NativeScript Common/Core Library
  • NativeScript Command Line Interface
  • NativeScript TypeScript Declarations
  • NativeScrtip Android Runtime

The Android runtime does automatically have my LiveSync patches; so you will be able to use any of the masters with my LiveSync plugin.

I am in the process of getting the iOS runtime building (I believe I have pretty much everything I need to make it to work). However, I still need to purchase a Apple Developer Key for the server, to hopefully complete it. Since I am a contract developer; this last part will have to wait until I have some extra funds to fund this part of the project (which hopefully will be in the next couple of weeks)...

Update (2015-14-09): I may have a way to build the iOS without a key thanks to Yavor Georgiev; I will be testing this soon...

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