VMWare USB Emulation

One thing I really wish VMWare did was allow me to create an emulated USB key.  Well recently I found out you can!  It is using some fairly undocumented VMX settings. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to make it boot from the USB key yet (But I haven't really spent a lot of time on… Continue reading VMWare USB Emulation

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VMWare Network Hickups ( sent link down event. )

I ran into this because I went to a hotel that had DHCP renew every 300 seconds, trying to download something inside the VM was getting clobbered... If you check your syslog or kern.log and see the following entries; then I might have the solution for you: kernel: [235397.022939] userif-3: sent link down event. kernel:… Continue reading VMWare Network Hickups ( sent link down event. )