Getting Started with NativeScript

Getting Started with NativeScript
Getting Started with NativeScript

The finalized chapters of my new upcoming book are at the publisher!   The publisher has already put up the book listing on Amazon, it to be sold on Jan 6th 2016. I'll add the links to Google and Apple once I have them.

So I can now actually start to talk about the book; and best of all I can finally get back to the day to day business of doing normal stuff.    Getting this book done was a long road; but I am pleased with the outcome.

I want to thank my wife, Camarell, and our kids for the vast amount of time I had to spend writing and testing and then writing some more.  A lot of time was spent writing both code and words on paper, to make this book a cohesive whole, and they were the ones who missed me the most.

I also want to thank multiple people on the NativeScript team at Telerik; Valio Stoychev for all his support and suggestions.  Iva Koevska, Nikolay Diyanov, Neli Chakarova, for reading the early drafts and making suggestions.  Especially Todor Totev; he is totally AWESOME; he put in a lot of time reading several drafts on this project and then making suggestions.  He is a natural at doing editing and caught several things even my editor even missed!   Again, thank you guys at Telerik!  (Oh, and thanks for NativeScript, NativeScript is the best platform for writing Mobile apps!)

I want to thank the publisher; they got to proof read early chapters; make corrections and generally make sure I stayed on track -- Thank you; Mehvash and Prachi at PACKT Publishing!

I also want to thank my parents; I learned to love books from them and if anyone want to read a excellent science fiction novel series; my Mom and Dads series The Day Star Chronicles.

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