NativeScript: Upgrading to v1.7.0

Since I have been posting these since the early versions of NativeScript; I figured I would continue. It has been several months since the last major upgrade and this version has all sorts of bug fixes and new goodies. The changelog is available at

The biggest new feature is the ability to override the Android Application and Activity class; this is huge news for those who needed to override a callback on either of these Java classes.     However their are lots of fixes and some things look a lot nicer.

1. npm install -g nativescript
if you now look at your nativescript --version you should have a nice v1.6.0 show up. You only have to do this one time.

2. npm install tns-core-modules@latest --save
What, that is it to install all the new core modules? WooHoo, so simple! Make sure you do this on EACH of your projects!

3. tns platform remove android AND/OR tns platform remove ios
Please note before you run the above commands if you have made ANY changes to the xcode project, plists or the Android manifest; you might want to back them up first, or you will have to manually make those changes again. Again this has to be done for EACH of your projects...

4. tns platform add android AND/OR tns platform add ios
This also needs to be done for each project. You can do a type package.json or cat package.json and you should see everything say "1.7.0"


Several of the android navigation issues are now fully fixed; however there is still one that is still outstanding.  That awesome NativeScript team is working on it and it will be fixed in the next week or so and then it will be released as a point release.


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