Downgrading NativeScript

You might have decided to be an early adopter of the awesome new version of NativeScript release and then unfortunately do to some bug regretted that choice.   Well here is how to easily downgrade back to a version you prefer.

First of all, you normally do NOT need to downgrade the actual TNS / nativescript command, it is normally backwards compatible.  However if you do need to downgrade the command line utility you need to type:

npm remove -g nativescript

and then
npm install -g nativescript@version --- where version is the version you want.

Ok, now onto the two pieces that you should do at the same time.  So lets say you want to downgrade to the latest v1.6; you change to your apps main directory and would type:
npm install tns-core-modules@1.6.2

then type for android:
tns platform remove android
tns platform add android@1.6.3

and finally if for iOS:
tns platform remove ios
tns platform add ios@1.6.0

By doing these items, you will fully downgrade your app to a prior version of NativeScript.

Please note to get the version numbers of all the releases of a particular item; you can do:

npm info tns-android versions
npm info tns-ios versions
npm info tns-core-modules versions

You typically want the latest of a point release version, so you find the latest "z" version in the x.y.z branch you are looking to install. Please note the versions 2.0.0-YYYY-MM-DD-VVV like 2.0.0-2016-05-03-553 is a alpha/beta/test releases; all these dated versions you can safely ignore them.

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