NativeScript 3.2.0 Released

Well, looks like I was on the ball this time; I actually beat Progress to the punch.   😉    3.2.0 has been released to NPM.

  • Blur and Focus events added
  • Android keeps nativeView when navigating forward to eliminate the tear down and re-build when navigating back.
  • Nasty memory leaks in iOS fixed; this one is worth the upgrade alone!
  • Some XCode 8.3 and 9 fixes
  • iOS LiveSync fixes
  • Some Webpack and Signing issues fixed
  • Android metadata generator fixes

First of all to upgrade is done is a couple steps:
> npm install -g nativescript@latest
> npm install tns-core-modules@latest --save

Next try the new update command or you can manually run the commands below
> tns update

For Android:
> tns platform remove android
> tns platform add android@latest

For iOS
> tns platform remove ios
> tns platform add ios@latest

Then you can type tns info and verify that everything says 3.2.x

Common Issues:

  1. Plugins fails; this is a known issue do to the complete revamp of the lower levels of the core modules design.  Some plugins need a lot of changes to work in 3.x; so you will have to wait for the third party authors to get caught up (Even I'm not caught up).    My plugins site should be listing both version v2 & v3 plugins separately so that you can easily find 3.x or 2.x plugins.


  1. Are tns update and tns platform done once from any project, or are they done once per project?

    and thanks for listing out the improvements, I hadn't known about the ios memory leaks.

    1. The tns update / platform must be done for each project. The only thing that is global to all projects is the `npm i -g NativeScript`.

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