NativeScript v1.1.0 - Released

NativeScript v1.1.0 was just released a couple days ago.    Here is what is new and how to get all the cool new features.

Some of the changes are:

  • Exposing Application events as Real Event [example]
  • Parent is now exposed in itemLoading event
  • Repeater Component Added [more]
  • TabView.selectedIndexChanged Event added
  • Hint property for TextView
  • NavigatingTo/From, NavigatedTo/From events added to Page component
  • Search now has Hint Color
  • Dozens of Bug Fixes
  • View and GestureObserver classes has breaking changes [more]

If you are currently running version 0.9.0 or v1.0.0 then here are the steps to upgrade you to the wonderful version 1.1.0


Upgrading the NativeScript Tools:

First thing to do is upgrade your TNS (or NativeScript) command so go to a command prompt (if on windows it will probably need to be an Administrator command prompt) or  bash/terminal prompt.

Type "tns --version" or "nativescript --version", if you already have version 1.1.0 then you can skip this step as you already have the latest nativescript tools.

Windows (from an Administrator prompt):

npm install -g nativescript

sudo npm install -g nativescript

This will update you to the latest version of the command nativescript command line.  And you should type "tns --version" after to verify it has been upgraded to v1.1.0

Upgrading the Platforms:

Next thing you will need to upgrade is your "platforms", so navigate to the root level folder where your project is; and then if you are working on a Android project type:

tns platform update android

and/or (if you are working on a ios version on a Macintosh)
tns platform update ios


Upgrading the Common Library:

Unfortunately The next piece is a lot more tricky as it requires a lot more steps.   Hopefully this will be fixed in v1.2.0.    But right now it is a small bit of a pain.   The easiest method is to create a new project and then copy the tns_modules out of the new project into your existing project and then delete the dummy project.      So at a command line do the following (assuming your still in your main app project folder from the steps above).    Please remember to replace <yourapp> with whatever folder name your app is in.


cd ..
tns create testupgrade
rd /S /Q <strong>&lt;yourapp&gt;</strong>\app\tns_modules
move testupgrade\app\tns_modules &lt;<strong>yourapp</strong>&gt;\app
rd /S /Q testupgrade

cd ..
tns create testupgrade
rm -rf &lt;<strong>yourapp</strong>&gt;/app/tns_modules
mv testupgrade/app/tns_modules &lt;<strong>yourapp</strong>&gt;/app
rm -rf testupgrade


LiveSync Update:

Last piece, If you are using my awesomely cool LiveSync code; you have one more step you need to do; unfortunately Telerik has not yet accepting my patch into the android platform.   So  I have pulled the same 1.1.0 platform source code as they released then added my patch and again compiled it for your usage (if you wish to compile it yourself; the readme file in the LiveSync project explains how.)       The pre-compiled runtimes can be pulled from

After downloading and moving this file into your main project app directory (i.e. where the watcher.js file lives); The steps are as follows (Oh you will need to make sure to copy your androidmanifest.xml file from the platform/android folder if you have made **any** changes to it that you want to keep as this will install a new copy):


tns platform remove android
tns platform add android --frameworkPath=.\tns-android-1.1.0.tgz
cd app
npm install nativescript-livesync@latest --save
copy /y node_modules\nativescript-livesync\support\watcher.js ..

tns platform remove android
tns platform add android --frameworkPath=./tns-android-1.1.0.tgz
cd app
npm install nativescript-livesync@latest --save
cp node_modules/nativescript-livesync/support/watcher.js ..

And you will be done.  LiveSync will continue to work and you will be fully on the 1.1.0 Release!

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