NativeScript v1.20 Released

We all need to start upgrading,  Telerik has released v1.2.0 -- this is a important upgrade as it fixes several nasty bugs on IOS & Android!    It also adds a lot of cool new features.

1. To upgrade the command line: npm install nativescript -g

(On a mac or linux you might need a "sudo" in front)

2. To Upgrade the platforms: tns platform upgrade ios  or tns platform upgrade android

3. To upgrade the common modules; well that is still a pain.  I would advice you to follow the same instructions I had you follow in the v1.0.0 to v1.1.0 upgrade, however if you have manually added anything to your "tns_modules" (which I would not recommend you do, you will want to copy or re-install it in your new tns_modules)

cd ..
tns create testupgrade
rd /S /Q <strong>YOURAPP</strong>\app\tns_modules
move testupgrade\app\tns_modules <strong>yourapp</strong>\app
rd /S /Q testupgrade


First things first, NativeScript command line plugin code works a lot better.    You can now do:

tns plugin add android <somepluginname> and it works!

For those interested; my LiveSync plugin has already been updated for v1.2 with a slew of new features and a very simple install using the new tns plugin add android nativescript-livesync command.

Lots of new Features and here are some of the changes:

New Features



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