NativeScript - Professional post series

I've been doing NativeScript for a while; and since I'm a contractor/freelancer; and no specific company pays my salary -- I've decided to start putting some of my cool learned tips into the paid category.   Most of these will only qualify if they took me multiple hours to figure out.  Unfortunately nobody pays me for… Continue reading NativeScript - Professional post series

NativeScript: Patreon Posts & Plugins

For those who are unaware; I've started doing paid content; see my post on "Why Patreon" to see the reasons.   I'm going to attempt to keep this post updated with plugins and posts that are available to those who are my patreon supporters. Posts: Shrinking the application IPK/APK size: Using the new TNS Clean… Continue reading NativeScript: Patreon Posts & Plugins

NativeScript - Capturing the Back Button on Android

Quite frequently you want to control what happens when your user hits the back button, well this is actually pretty simple to do on Android.  I've seen this question pop up several times; so it makes good blog post fodder. You can either do this totally globally; or on a per page basis.   Globally, you… Continue reading NativeScript - Capturing the Back Button on Android