Introducing NativeScript-Protect

UPDATE: Works on iOS and Android; see Have you spent months working on the perfect application?  Are you now worried someone will just copy your source code right from your NativeScript application?  (This is not a unique issue to NativeScript; ReactNative, Titanium*,Cordova/PhoneGap and any other platforms that are not compiling Java code have this… Continue reading Introducing NativeScript-Protect

NativeScript v1.1.0 - Released

NativeScript v1.1.0 was just released a couple days ago.    Here is what is new and how to get all the cool new features. Some of the changes are: Exposing Application events as Real Event [example] Parent is now exposed in itemLoading event Repeater Component Added [more] TabView.selectedIndexChanged Event added Hint property for TextView NavigatingTo/From,… Continue reading NativeScript v1.1.0 - Released